About the Firm

Swain Law, LLC is a boutique employment law firm located in Denver, Colorado. Denver employment lawyer Hunter Swain is an experienced advocate for employees throughout Colorado.

Hunter Swain has represented employees his entire career, and he never represents employers. He founded Swain Law, LLC with a simple mission: to solve problems for Colorado employees with integrity and compassion.

Attorney Swain represents employees in all types of employment cases, including:

  • discrimination;
  • retaliation;
  • hostile work environment;
  • wrongful termination;
  • failure to provide disability, religious, and pregnancy accommodations; 
  • interference with medical leave;
  • unpaid wages and overtime;
  • breach of employment contracts;
  • injuries because of an employer’s negligence; and
  • negotiation of employment and severance contracts.

To see how we can help you, click here to request a consultation with Denver employment lawyer Hunter Swain.

DISCLAIMER: This entire website is attorney advertising for Swain Law, LLC and Denver employment lawyer Hunter A. Swain. The statements and information contained on this website do not create or constitute an attorney-client relationship. None of the statements or information on this website are intended as a solicitation, nor are they intended as legal advice. Swain Law, LLC does not represent any clients without a signed representation agreement.
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