Request a Consultation

Please complete the intake form below to request a consultation with employment lawyer Hunter Swain to review your potential case. Some questions may not apply to your situation. If a question does not apply to your situation, simply write “n/a.”

The law firm will make every effort to contact you within 1 business day, but our response may be delayed if Mr. Swain is in trial or handling a time-sensitive matter for a client. If you do not hear a response within 3 business days, feel free to call us at (720) 815-5281 to inquire about the status of your intake form.

Information provided through the questionnaire will be kept confidential, and will be used to make sure that your legal matter is the type that the law firm handles and to ensure there is not a conflict of interest that would keep Mr. Swain from speaking with you for an employment lawyer consultation.

We typically respond to consultation requests by email, so please make sure to check your email for a response after submitting your request.

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